There are so many ways you can help!



  • If you have masks to donate, please fill out this form (form #2) to get shipping and other pertinent information.
    • Feel free to use your favorite mask pattern, whether it’s the Olson pattern, a pleated pattern, the “lipstick” or “Bat” pattern, or the “axe head pattern”. If you need guidance on a pattern, please click here to send an email for help.
    • We ask that masks be a minimum of three layers.
      • The middle layer can be made of: cotton (quilting cotton or 300+ thread count 100% cotton bedsheets) OR 910-weight NON-fusible pellon.
  • After you mail or otherwise ship your donation, please fill out our Shipping Confirmation Form (#3) so we can track your donation to the destination.

Raw Materials:

Winter Accessories:

  • Some of our First Peoples live in very cold climates. There is a need for coats, scarves, gloves, mittens, hats, etc. If you have any of these things to donate, please fill out this form (form #2) to get shipping and other pertinent information

Natural Medicines:

    • Another way we are helping our POCs is by providing traditional herbal medicines. We have an Amazon Wish list for ingredients here. There is a blog entry listing the plants we can use here.
    • If you grow any herbal plants or have sewn medicine bags or tea bags (list to be provided soon) and would like to donate them, please use form #4.