Masks Donated:

As of 4/30/2021 – we have facilitated 38,536 masks and 1156 scrub caps, as well as knitted or crocheted cold-weather accessories. Our Wish Lists have also been used by very generous people to send items to communities in need. If you would prefer to donate directly, you can either donate using the PayPal button at the top of the page, or you can go here to our GoFundMe Page.

We have helped people in the following communities:

  • Navajo Nation
  • Sioux
  • Missing Flowers-MMIW
  • NA Lifeline Baltimore
  • Lakota-Rapid City
  • Apache
  • Yakama

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Mission Statement

Sewing for Native Nations is a group of diverse people from around the world,  sewing to preserve a Culture for generations to come.  COVID-19 has hit many demographics but none have been as hard hit as the Indigenous American people (Native Americans).  The statistics are already stacked against Natives when it comes to the healthcare system and many times, Native Americans slip through government cracks as they have throughout history. This time is no different,  men and women have unified across America and the world in an attempt to make a difference and preserve this culture.   We believe that ‘if we sew a mask we save a life’.  Each mask donated gives a vital barrier between a person and COVID-19 that they would not have otherwise had. The government outreach is not adequate for the reservations that many indigenous peoples were placed on.  Most reservations are still without basic infrastructure.  Imagine for a minute… a culture coming back from the brink of extinction over the last generations, living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, still with NO running water, NO heat, and NO electricity to name a few.  Add a pandemic and no medical.   America, although “proud of its heritage” treats First Nations communities as though they are third world countries.

The amazing group of men and women who are part of Sewing For Native Nations are working diligently to sew mask after mask that we donate to the FIRST NATIONS of this country.  Although the need is great, the heart of humanity is greater and we will conquer this. We are doing this, and we are doing it together: one mask at a time.