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The Sewing for Native Nations Flyer – a printable document that you can download in case you want to encourage your community to assist in our efforts.

The Amazon Wishlists – This link will take you to the amazon wishlists we have set up for the communities we are trying to help.  If the only thing in your cart are items from the wishlist, Amazon will ship them to the intended community. This saves on shipping as well as preserving the privacy of the Point of Contact (POC) in the community.

Sewing Hub Wish Lists:

Links to forms:

Form #1 – Contact information Please send us your contact information in this form so our admin group can get in touch with you about live updates and emailed updates.


I have physical donations to make

Cultural Awareness Guidelines – fabric prints to be aware of when sewing for Native Peoples.

Form #2  (Request for Addresses) Masks/PPE and/or Crochet/knit items for donations When you have a group of masks or other PPE types of items ready to ship, please fill out this form. We will send you the address to send to and any other pertinent information.


Form #3 – Shipping Verification  After you mail or otherwise ship your donation, please fill out this shipping verification form so we can track your donations to the destination.


Form #5 – Material Donations  If you would like to donate fabric, elastic, thread, rotary cutters, notions, etc. please fill out this form.

Form #4 – Native Medicine Efforts  If you are donating items for our Native Medicine efforts, please use this form. This includes Medicine (see the blog entry) and Tea Bags, and Natural Medicine.

Form #7 Completed Masks – To request masks, PPE, or cold-weather items for your community, please fill out this form.


If you need fabric, thread, etc., please fill out Form # 6 – Request for Materials Form.